Monday, 12 August 2013

Later on in my life...

After a lot of thought and being inspired by a lot of blogs out there I thought I would attempt to make my own and see how it goes!

To be completely honest it's probably going to be a lot of rambling about a lot of different things, mostly spaniels as they seem to rule my life, but also other things that we get up to on a day to day basis and things that we're interested in. 

So, after all that, let me introduce us!

My name is Caroline and I work as a Personal Tax Advisor - probably one of the most boring sounding jobs in the world! I live with my boyfriend Lewis and our two Springer Spaniel puppies Monty (top picture) and Penny (bottom picture). Technically Monty is now a dog in actual age terms as he's 14months old but given that he likes to curl up on me and touch faces, I still refer to him as a puppy. Penny's only 7months and definitely still a puppy, chewing her way through skirting boards, carpets and even the wall! Finger crossed she grows out of it!

That's all for now but I really hope you enjoy the blog!


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